Overview of the Wild Walker

Not very long ago, you couldn’t pick up a magazine or turn on the television without being confronted with a zombie. The rate of decline has slowed recently, but the extinction-level species still periodically makes an appearance. Pragmatic Play’s Wild Walker slot machine is an attempt to rekindle the flame between the living and the dead. In addition to being a catchy moniker, the term accurately represents the game’s most consistent element. During free games, when players are awarded an additional reel, the increased wilds may truly shine.

The visuals, especially the animations, are where Pragmatic Play really shines. It’s a pity Pragmatic didn’t add some ‘Floss’ to the full reel zombies’ dancing Fortnite impressions. The 5-reel, 25-payline grid of Wild Walker is set in the middle of the zombie apocalypse that authors and filmmakers warned was on the horizon. All the signs of the end of the world are present: charred automobiles, thunder, rain, and swooping hawks. The music is also worth mentioning since it features a variety of moods and tempos, from slow and soothing when nothing is occurring to fast and heavy funk metal. The Faith No More-like music provides the perfect touch of oddity to brighten the mood.

Wild Walker is playable on any platform, with wagers ranging from 25 cents to $/€125. When the game loads, five lightning bolts appear on the home page as a warning that these zombies aren’t here for fun. You may find the game to be tense and difficult. The woods may seem like a place to get away from it all, but that’s not always the case. The long-term effects of the default RTP rating of 96.55% are neutral. The additional reels, lengthier combos, and more zombie wilds that occur during free spins may make things rather messy (in a good way).

The maximum number of reels in the main game is 5, while the maximum number of reels in the bonus game is 8. Low value symbols are the letters J through A, whereas medium value symbols are test tubes and needle guns. The high rewards in the main game range from 4.8 times the wager to 20 times the stake and are represented by four different character symbols. Free spins, however, unlock all 8 reels, resulting in jackpots of 80x to 400x the wager.

A Wild Walker’s Highlights

The Wild Walker slot machine has a free spins bonus round and an increased number of wandering wilds. The bonus symbol is the only one the enlarged roaming wild can’t replace. This wild appears on every spin, covering places 1, 2, and 3 on a single reel that is chosen at random. Payouts for adjacent wilds are 1.2x for three, and 6x for four.

There is a progressive free spins feature in addition to the roving wilds. The skull wearing a gas mask is the universal scatter symbol. Free games begin at the second level when 3 are seen, and at the first level when 4 are seen.

Between the main game and the bonus game, the player is treated to a cut sequence in which many zombies shamble by like extras from the film “Thriller.” The anti-zombie elixir probably gets whipped up in the same facility where free spins are given out. The bonus game shifts locations and has locked reels over four stages.

Level 1 has 5 spinning reels and a roving wild symbol that can grow in size.

In the second tier, there are six spinning reels, with a locked expanding wild on reel 1 and a free-roaming expanding wild.

In the third and final level, all seven reels will be in play, with two expanding wilds fixed to reels 1 and 2, and a third wandering wild.

Eight reels will be spinning at this level, with three expanding wilds fixed to reels 1, 2, and 3, and a fourth wandering wild.

Two more free games are awarded for every three scatters gathered throughout the bonus round. After all reels have been unlocked, players may continue to collect scatters, with every set of three adding two extra free games.

Judgment on Wild Walker

Wild Walker, a zombie-themed slot game developed by Pragmatic Play, is a fun game with lots of interesting features that add to the enjoyment. The first and foremost is the stylish appearance. The roving wild’s motions and the dense atmosphere created by the backdrop image show that Pragmatic added a wonderful video game quality. It has a surprising amount of vitality given the zombie subject matter, and the music really helps to create a universe in which you can lose yourself for a while. It’s nicely done; it has a Lost Vegas feel, but more of a gritty, off-Strip feel.

Some portions of the gameplay are far more engaging than others. After the novelty wears off, the base game, for example, might become repetitive. At first, it seems like a lot to get an increased wandering wild on every spin. This is the sort of element that often appears during a timed event in a game. There doesn’t appear to be much help from nature, and that’s the problem. It’s quite doubtful that the hit rate would change significantly if it weren’t there and reels spun normally.

Sometimes the wild shows up in the perfect spot to help you win big, but mostly it merely hops around aimlessly. Its massive size also makes it difficult for three to land and trigger the extra feature.

When the free games feature is activated, however, the increased wilds really shine. However, when wilds are locked and longer combinations are conceivable, the stakes become significantly higher. If you play Wild Walker to its maximum potential, you can win 4,900 times your initial wager. It’s not a huge sum, especially for a Pragmatic Play slot, but it seems more reasonable and doable than the sky-high sums they sometimes boast.

Wild Walker, a slot machine by Pragmatic, is a fun and rewarding game. It looks fantastic, has a quirky soundtrack, and features some exciting action sequences. At least, if you play the optional side game. Is it good enough to displace Lost Vegas as the top zombie slot machine? Probably not, but it was a good try nevertheless.

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